The Pineau des Charentes

The P&C Pineau des Charentes

The Pineau des Charentes, originally legendary, shares its history with Cognac. For more than four centuries, winemakers elaborate, with passion, this unique wine in the world, in the respect of the traditions and know-how transferred from a generation to another.

Since 1945, the quality of their workis rewarded by an “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, AOC” (Controlled Appellation of Origin).

Thanks to a unique “terroir”, located between the country and the Atlantic Ocean, the fertility of chalky soils and the oceanic climate enable an excellent grape ripening.

The harvest period begin from late September. The grapes are then pressured to obtain grape must and then muted with Cognac to stop the fermentation process. Pineau des Charentes is then ageing in oak barrels to develop its flavor and then bottled on the property.

P&C brand is proud to propose to its client high qualitative products, elaborated with respect to traditions and with a preserved know-how on the property. The ageing period is superior to Controlled Appellation of Origin requirements.

The quality of traditional know-how

The P&C Pineau des Charentes are made exclusively by the Lembert family, which perpetuates its know-how for 3 generations. The vineyard extends over almost 30 hectares and is located in Petite Champagne, in the particularly famous region around Archiac and Arthenac called “Petite Champagne d’Archiac”, where limestone and chalky soils conditions are similar to that of Grande Champagne.

Although it is not a legal name, it evokes a highly appreciated quality for professionals.

The requirement of excellence

By the requirement and the rigorous selection made at each stage of the elaboration: quality of vineyard, grapes from the Ugni Blanc grapevines variety and wines, the excellence of the distillation and ageing made exclusively on the estate, P&C Pineau des Charentes and Cognac are unique and authentic.