The Cognac

Cognac P&C

Cognac benefits of a Controlled Appellation of Origin which guarantees an elaboration of quality. Its origin, its terroir and manufacturing methods scrupulously respect the Cognac technical specifications.

A unique territory and characteristic grape varieties

The vineyard extends over approximatively 75 000 hectares which are located in the Charente-Maritime and the main part of the Charente departments, as well as two enclave in Dordogne and Deux-Sèvres. It is divided in 6 “crus” which are defined by their soil geological characteristics :
– the Grande Champagne, which produces the finest and lightest eaux-de-vie,
– the Petite Champagne, which produces eau-de- vie of excellence but without reaching the same finesse degree,
– the Borderies, with eaux de vie with floral notes,
– and finally the Fins BoisBons Bois and Bois Ordinaires, which produce faster ageing eaux-de-vie.

The vineyard extends over a landscape composed of plains and hills with gentle reliefs and clay-limestone soils. It benefits from a temperate oceanic climate, characterized by mild temperatures and sunshine, particularly favorable to the excellent ripening of the grapes.

The grape varieties that can be used for production are defined by the specifications of the AOC: Colombard, Folle Blanche, Folignan, Montils, Sémillon and the Ugni Blanc. This last constitutes the majority grape because of its better resistance to disease.

Authentic know-how

The winegrowing respects the rules of art and the grape harvest happens once the grapes are mature, usually from mid-September to mid-October.

The pressing is immediately after harvest and the juice fermented to be vinified in two stages, to produce the distillation wines that will then be selected before being distilled.

The distillation is then carried out with a copper Charentais alembic, in two successive stages :
– the “first heat” which corresponds to the distillation of the wine and makes it possible to obtain the « brouillis »,
– and the “second heating” or “repasse” or “good heating” which consists in distilling the “brouillis” to obtain Cognac brandy.

Distillation allows the concentration of flavors by the selection of the best aromas of the wine.

During the ageing stage, carried out in the dark cellars, in the barrels oak of Limousin or the forest of Tronçais, the eau de vie evolves and develops its aromas and its color by a slow maturation which master without interruption.

The evaporation of alcohol during this stage is called the “part des Anges” (part of the Angels).

The blending, technique of ancestral tradition, is the trademark of each Cognac house and consist to blend selected eaux-de-vie of different ages.

The quality of traditional know-how

The P&C Cognac are made exclusively by the Lembert family, which perpetuates its know-how for 3 generations. The vineyard extends over almost 30 hectares and is located in Petite Champagne, in the particularly famous region around Archiac and Arthenac called “Petite Champagne d’Archiac”, where limestone and chalky soils conditions are similar to that of Grande Champagne.

Although it is not a legal name, it evokes a highly appreciated quality for professionals.

The requirement of excellence

By the requirement and the rigorous selection made at each stage of the elaboration: quality of vineyard, grapes from the Ugni Blanc grapevines variety and wines, the excellence of the distillation and ageing made exclusively on the estate, P&C Pineau des Charentes and Cognac are unique and authentic.

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