P&C origine amitié enfance

A childhood friendship at the origin of this project

The history of the P&C brand has its origin in the childhood friendship between its founders.

Passionate about sports and in love with our terroir, our team willingness is now to promote both Pineau des Charentes and Cognac and to build a brand of international notoriety, directly developed by the winemaker which will seduce you thanks to its history, its authenticity, its innovation and its quest for excellence.

The Pineau des Charentes


The P&C Pineau des Charentes

The Pineau des Charentes, originally legendary, shares its history with Cognac. For more than four centuries, winemakers elaborate, with passion, this unique wine in the world, in the respect of the traditions and know-how transferred from a generation to another.

Since 1945, the quality of their workis rewarded by an “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, AOC” (Controlled Appellation of Origin).

Thanks to a unique “terroir”, located between the country and the Atlantic Ocean, the fertility of chalky soils and the oceanic climate enable an excellent grape ripening. Continue reading “The Pineau des Charentes”

The Cognac


Cognac P&C

Cognac benefits of a Controlled Appellation of Origin which guarantees an elaboration of quality. Its origin, its terroir and manufacturing methods scrupulously respect the Cognac technical specifications.

A unique territory and characteristic grape varieties

The vineyard extends over approximatively 75 000 hectares which are located in the Charente-Maritime and the main part of the Charente departments, as well as two enclave in Dordogne and Deux-Sèvres. It is divided in 6 “crus” which are defined by their soil geological characteristics :
– the Grande Champagne, which produces the finest and lightest eaux-de-vie, Continue reading “The Cognac”